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Mary Wood

"Andrea puts a big emphasis on overall health and well-being. I have the highest regard for her knowledge, training, expertise, and her concerns for the 'whole patient.' I frequently and enthusiastically recommend Andrea's practice to family and friends. I also tell my orthopedic doctors, physical therapist, and acupuncturist how much Andrea's care has helped me."

Dawn Aragon

"To this day, it is due to her [Andrea] learning about Thai massage that my overall structure and function has changed for the better. I remain mobile, my gait is more balanced, and I have less pain due to Andrea's abilities."

Our Videos

These two videos are an introduction to Susan Fritz, RN and Andrea Felesina, RN, LMT. While these videos are thorough, they only touch the surface of the services offered by these two practitioners!

Some Comments people have left at Living Social and Groupon


Maybe the best massage I've ever had. Mad skills.

Awesome massage. Going back for more.

Andrea was great! She spent a lot of time getting to know preferences and followed through with what i asked. I will go back to her as soon as I can.

Thanks for providing a wonderful , calming atmosphere for massage.

Sheree Pierson

I can't say enough great things about Andrea Felesina, her BioMat, and all her wonder oils. Having a hard time sleeping due to extreme back pain, Andrea's massages with the BioMat have brought me much needed pain relief, restful nights sleep, better circulation, and dulled the aches of arthritis to a minimum. Her oils have calmed my upset stomach, healed rashes, and relieved stress. She always provides a much needed comfortable, healing and relaxing experience.

Sheree Pierson

Kathryn Rose

I am a 42 year old female who has suffered with cold sores since early childhood, which was not only humiliating but very frustrating as well. Over the years I have tried many over the counter medications, home remedies, and countless prescription medications to no avail. Now at the age of 42 I was offered a Cold Sore remedy and although I was very excited about the possibility of something actually working, I will admit I was also a little skeptical.


Sierra Nevada Holistic Services, LLC

407 W Robinson Street Carson City, NV 89703

(775) 720-2563

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